Spencer Bagan, National Sales Manager
“The world of manufacturing is on the verge of another industrial revolution. Advanced robots, AI, and business intelligence tools are creating digitally smart factories for the next level of global competition. The rubber industry is not immune to these concepts and is beginning to implement them. The first part of presentation focuses on the previous industrial revolutions and the immergence of smart factories and the technologies implemented within. The second half defines how the rubber industry is beginning to implement these technologies and how technology suppliers are gearing up for the changes. “
Souper Technico-Commercial
Endroit: Hôtel Château-Bromont
90, rue Stanstead, Bromont
Qc J2L 1K6

Quand: 30 Avril 2019
Heure: 16:15

16h15 Cocktail / Inscription
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30 Avril 2019
April 30th, 2019
Hôtel Château Bromont
90, rue Stanstead, Bromont, Qc J2L 1K6
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Smart Factories and emerging technological trends in the rubber industry
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Louis-Philippe Boyer, Directeur Commercial
Assemblage caoutchouc sur métal avec les adhésifs Cilbond
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John Meser, Technical Sales Engineer ARDL
"Compound Development and Problem Solving in the Rubber Industry".
David W. DeWulf, Ph.D., Sales Director, Kaolin North America
Kaolins For Elastomeric Applications
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